Student Education Loans: $ 24,000 Average debt College

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Without referring to the middle student debt credit education, Obama has recently said that America remains a country beat. , we are at home to the world  best universities... if more students come to learn, than anywhere else on earth. , I tend to believe the President of the claim.

Later in the speech says,  America has fallen to ninth in the proportion of young people graduate from college.
I can not help but wonder - is necessarily a bad thing?
I can be a loan facility fees of students learning?
What applies to most jobs - jobs that would allow graduates to work in income levels, which managed to make a living and pay off the loans student loans without financial support from parents or the greater public support.
According to a report of a project by a student debt of graduating students, the average debt is $ 24,000. After adding the percentage of reimbursement may exceed $ 31,000.
Today it is much harder to find work to provide basic general, and most young people do not factor in the cost of education student loans, reality sets in tuition and fees rose four times the average income since 1982. Graduates can not work and did not pay off your debt college.

Teach Student Loan Finance

In 18 years, most have no idea what career or field to meet them. Schools should teach the student loan early, before these young adults in the crushing burden of debt dreams about the future of the college could not before.
Richard Arum and Josipa Minden, the authors of the new book  academic adrift , 45% of students have shown no improvement of critical thinking, reasoning set forth in writing and analysis of college after two years, falling 36% - seniors.
I do not think colleges is 46 percent of the students, but also because not many of these students should not be the first place.

Senior Research Fellow University pointed out that, of course, expectations fell decades, many college graduates prepared for future employment. This emphasis on higher education, the professions, the inflatable school and university degrees reward poor performance.
Many young people who have achieved success in the professional, which corresponds to resolve these through the academic system is higher, but still at the highest level of a lawyer or a doctor can not stay on the repayment of student loans in their own tab of $ 100,000 or more.

Student Loans Education - Follow The Money

Current statistics show, there are more than 11 million students in higher education. Approximately 2 / 3 debt universities.
If the principle of average $ 24,000 student loan, students have to repay its debt college of $ 31,000.00, including 36% of seniors who can no longer there in the first place. It is approximately 1,980,000 people who do not show progress in thinking, reasoning and analytical skills have been taken out student loans, totaling approximately U.S. $ 47.5 billion U.S. dollars, 13.86 billion U.S. dollars, and additional questions.
You read that right - these students owe $ 13800000000 questions.
Who gets the $ 13800000000 interest? Who took over the student loan program? The federal government. Administration of large incentives to ensure that all young men, women and parents convinced to attend university, and the debt themselves.

Reducing Student Loan for Education

Can a young adult should participate in the college must answer a personal level. Here you can find the answer to reducing the average debt of the national university.
One of the solutions to this increasingly popular online courses. Typically, some participation on campus is required, while the main presentations made by the instructor, online.
Upon returning students who are able to complete a college education through online training programs. Younger students may also lower housing costs and commuting to undertake study at home on their computers that do not begin his career in education, student loan.

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